Chinmayee + Sagar Maternity Photoshoot

Once upon a time, one girl and a boy fell in love and came a very long way to prove their love for each other..! I know, you are little bit confused who I am?

Ohh rather say, who We are?? 👶👶

yeah.. you can say it’s kind of — Make 1 Get 1! Well, we are not fighting on this anymore!!!

When god creates babies.. He creates us with lots of love, humbleness, feathery touch and a loud voice mingled with lots of happiness to share the glory… Yey Its We.. here we are to make your happiness, joy, love even your patience double..!!

Mumma, dadda — Your bond is strong.. We are on our way to make your bond even stronger..!

Keep counting! 🤗

Photography — Vyom Studios

Write-up — Asmita Ranade

Vyom Studios is a team of artists who uses camera, as a tool to express.